Validation error when applying a host profile to a VMware ESXi 8.0 host using software FCoE.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) is an industry-standard protocol used to consolidate data traffic in storage and networking environments. It provides a high-speed, low-latency way to transport data between servers and storage devices, while eliminating the need for separate networks dedicated to each type of traffic. In this article, we will discuss how VMware vSphere software FCoE profiles work.

What is FCoE?

FCoE is a technology that enables Fibre Channel frames to be transported over Ethernet networks. This allows organizations to eliminate duplicate investments in separate storage area networks (SANs) and local area networks (LANs). By using FCoE, organizations can leverage their existing network infrastructure for both storage and networking needs, reducing costs associated with managing multiple types of networking hardware.

How Does VMware vSphere Software FCoE Profile Work?

Software FCoE profiles provide virtualization administrators with the ability to deploy and configure FCoE adapters within the vSphere environment. To use this feature, administrators must first create an FCoE profile within the vCenter Server interface. This profile defines specific settings that will be applied to all ports configured with it. These settings include things like port speed, VLAN assignment, Fabric IDs, etc. Once the profile has been created, it can then be assigned to individual ports on the host servers’ physical network interfaces or virtual switches. Once assigned, the settings defined by the profile are automatically applied whenever an adapter is connected or disconnected from that port. This eliminates the need for manual configuration when adding or removing adapters from a switch port and simplifies overall management of the environment’s networking infrastructure.

Is Software FCoE supported in VMware ESXi 8.0?

If you try to apply a host profile to an ESXi 8.0 host with a software FCoE configuration, the process fails with a validation error.

Software FCoE is no longer supported as of vSphere 7.0, and software FCoE profiles are no longer supported as of vSphere 8.0. If you try to use a host profile from an earlier version on an ESXi 8.0 host, for example to change how the host is customised, the operation fails. You see an error like “Host Customizations validation error” in the vSphere Client.

Solution: In the host profile, turn off the Software FCoE Configuration subprofile.

Conclusion on FCoE

In summary, VMware vSphere software FCoE profiles provide virtualization administrators with an easy way to configure Fibre Channel over Ethernet adapters within their vSphere environment without having to manually set up each adapter individually every time they are added or removed from a switch port. By leveraging this feature and consolidating their network infrastructure into one single platform for both storage and networking needs, organizations can save money on hardware costs while also streamlining management efforts across their entire IT environment. As such, CIOs should consider taking advantage of software FCoEs as part of their overall strategy for optimizing their data center operations.

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