New services and how to start, stop and restart in VMware vCenter 7

Since the introduction of VMware vSphere 7, there a number of new services related to VMware vCenter Server 7. The syntax to start, stop or restart hasn’t changed at all. Let us remind you of the commands and highlight the new services, which are specific to VMware vCenter 7 version.

To list the vCenter Server 7 Appliance services using the command-line:

  1. Log in as root through an SSH or console session on the vCenter Server 7 Appliance.
  2. Run this command to list the vCenter Server 7 Appliance services:

    service-control –list
  3. To view the current status of the vCenter Server 7 Appliance services, type the command:

    service-control –status
  4. If you want to start a service: service-control –start servicename. Find the service name from bottom of this page and replace servicename
  5. If you want to stop service: service-control –stop servicename. Find the service name from bottom of this page and replace servicename
  6. If you want to start or stop all vCenter 7 services: service-control –start –all servicename or to stop all, it will be service-control –stop –all servicename. Find the service name from bottom of this page and replace servicename

vCenter Server 7.x services:

Service NameDescriptionNotes
vmware-vmon VMware Service Lifecycle Manager
vmonapi VMware Service Lifecycle Manager API
vmafdd VMware Authentication Framework
vmdird VMware Directory Service
vmcad VMware Certificate Service
lookupsvc VMware Lookup Service
vmware-sca VMware Service Control Agent
vmware-stsd VMware Security Token Service
vmware-rhttpproxy VMware HTTP Reverse Proxy
vmware-envoy VMware Envoy ProxyNew
vmware-netdumper VMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector
vmware-vapi-endpoint VMware vAPI Endpoint
vmware-vpxd-svcs VMware vCenter-Services
vmware-perfcharts VMware Performance Charts
applmgmt VMware Appliance Management Service
vmware-statsmonitor VMware Appliance Monitoring Service
vmware-cis-license VMware License Service
vmware-vpostgres VMware Postgres
vmware-postgres-archiver VMware Postgres Archiver
vmware-vdtc VMware vSphere Distrubuted Tracing CollectorNew
vmware-vpxd VMware vCenter Server
vmware-eam VMware ESX Agent Manager
vmware-vsm VMware vService Manager
vmware-sps VMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service
pschealth VMware Platform Services Controller Health Monitor
vmware-rbd-watchdog VMware vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter
vmware-content-library VMware Content Library Service
vmware-imagebuilder VMware Image Builder Manager
lwsmd Likewise Service Manager
vmcam VMware vSphere Authentication Proxy
vmware-vcha VMware vCenter High Availability
vmware-updatemgr VMware Update Manager
vmware-vsan-health VMware VSAN Health Service
vsphere-ui VMware vSphere Client
vmware-hvc VMware Hybrid VC ServiceNew
vmware-trustmanagement VMware Trust Management ServiceNew
vmware-certificatemanagement VMware Certificate Management Service
vmware-certificateauthority VMware Certificate Authority ServiceNew
vmware-pod VMware Patching and Host Management Service
vlcm VMware vCenter Lifecycle APINew
vmware-analytics VMware Analytics Service
vmware-topologysvc VMware Topology Service
vmware-infraprofile VMware Infraprofile ServiceNew
wcp Workload Control PlaneNew
vtsdb VMware vTsdb ServiceNew
vstats VMware vStats ServiceNew
observability VMware VCSA Observability ServiceNew
observability-vapi VMware VCSA Observability VAPI ServiceNew

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